Spurious - Sleeples Nights

Sleepless Nights by Spurious has been released in 2016 as a maxi-single with multiple remixes on Sunset Music.
As you can read in the biography of Spurious the recordlabel Sunset Music is owned by Bas Kunnen.
The title of the song is the time of the day in which Spurious made this song: in the middle of the night(s).


Genre Chill Out
Label Sunset Music (NL)
Release date July 28, 2016

Availabe on

Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport

Appeared on 

Breath & Chill 

Spätsommer Chillout Musik

Signs of chilling time

Vegan Lounge Vol. 2 

Garten Lounge

Lounge Time

Winter Lounge Cafe Zürichsee

Lounge Mit Mir

Winterzauber Lounge

Lounge Drink Vol 2

Lounge Cocktail Bar 2

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