Hardage ft. Maxi Priest - Don't Let Me Down (Spurious Remix)


Don’t Let Me Down by Hardage and Maxi Priest has originally been released in 2009. As you can read in the biography of Spurious it was 2017 when Spurious had the opportunity to remix this song. From the first moment that Spurious heard this song he was in love with the melody and the sound of the vocals. For the remix of this song Spurious made these vocals the main priority. Every sound added to the remix was only there to enforce them.


Genre Chill Out
Label Bacci Bros Records (UK)
Release date December 7, 2017


Available on Spotify, Apple Music


Appeared on 
Christmas Chill Out 2017
Lounge Chillout Music Summer Vibe
Relaxing Music Now
Downtempo Chill

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