The biography of Spurious

Spurious (NL) started his journey with the release of a solo album in 2015 which reached the number #1 position worldwide on Beatport. Multiple singles followed on Bacci Bros Records (UK), known from artists such as: Hardage, Artful Dodger & Romina Johnson and Jocelyn Brown. In 2017 Spurious fell in love with ‘don’t let me down’ from Hardage featuring Maxi Priest and had the opportunity to remix it.

The Early Years
Spurious (John) was born in The Netherlands with a big passion for music. At the age of 10 he was already sharing his favourite music with others. During his youth John listened to music almost 24 hours a day, even during school classes and when falling asleep. John got influenced by artists like: Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Dune, The Prodigy and Chicane.

The Actual Start
John started producing and mixing music around 1998. As a young boy driven by the passion and his talent for music he learned himself to express through music. There was no intention to become an artist, John just loved and understood the language of music. However, after watching “Tiësto Live At Innercity” on VHS in 1999 the dream of becoming a Dj arose. John started to focus on DJ’ing and in the years following he bought himself two turntables in Tiësto’s Magikal Music Store. Later he started to perform and became more serious with producing music. In 2007 John had his first song released on Digidance (NL). 

The Journey of Spurious
In 2015 it was the first time that John used the alias of “Spurious” to release music officially. A solo album got released and reached the #1 position worldwide on Beatport. Multiple singles followed on Sunset Music (NL) and Bacci Bros Records (UK). The last one is known from artists such as: HardageArtful Dodger & Romina Johnson (Moving Too Fast) and Jocelyn Brown. In the end of 2016 John also started his podcast ‘Chill Out Now’. Each episode is a mix of tunes with enchanting melodies and can be described as Dreamy Deep House. The show is available for free on major platforms such as Apple Podcasts and TuneIn but can also be found on a lot of smaller platforms.

In 2017 John fell in love with ‘don’t let me down‘ from Hardage featuring Maxi Priest and had the opportunity to remix it. It was also the year in which John released the first two singles on his own recordlabel “Chill Out Now”. 

The Future
Multiple singles are planned for release in 2022. You can find the complete discography of Spurious here. Be sure to find and follow “Spurious” on your favourite streaming app or store so you won’t miss any upcoming release.