Spurious - Breathe

Breathe by Spurious has been released in 2017 as a single on Bacci Bros Records.
As you can read in the biography of Spurious this recordlabel is known from artists like Artful Dodger and Jocelyn Brown.
The cover of this song is a reference to the fact that stress can make it difficult to breathe normally.
Try to control your breathe and Chill Out Now.

Genre Chill Out
Label Bacci Bros Records (UK)
Release date May 22, 2017

Available on

Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport

Appeared on 

Ibiza Chill House 2017

Chill Beats Vol. 1

Formentera 2017

Music Workout

Cool Beats – Chill Out Music,

Prime Music
Summer Escape

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