Spurious - ForeverSpurious – Forever
Forever by Spurious has been released in 2015 as an album on ADSR Records.
This is the debut album of Spurious which made it to the #1 position worldwide on Beatport. To reveal a secret: the album has been released in 2015, however the songs were all produced under the alias of Spurious in 2004-2006.
As you can read in the biography of Spurious there was never an intention to become an artist.
And so this gap in time between production and release arose.


Genre Chill Out
ADSR Records (NL)
Release date
August 28, 2015
Released as Album on Traxsource, Napster
Appeared on 
Itchy Feet – Best Chill Out, Moments – Jazz Lounge Edition 3Early Sunrise, Fairy Tails Vol. 2, Fairy Tails Vol. 3, Lounge Sensations Vol.4Deep Chilled IBIZA Chapter 1, Ibiza Lounge Zone Vol. 10, Ibiza Deep Sounds Vol. 8Ibiza Lounge Zone Vol. 11, Ibiza Balearica Vol. 11, Ibiza Balearica Vol. 12


The legendary debut album of Spurious which made it to the number #1 position worldwide!

Spurious - Forever #1

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