Spurious - Have No Fear

Have No Fear by Spurious has been released in 2017 as a single on Bacci Bros Records.
As you can read in the biography of Spurious this recordlabel is known from artists like Artful Dodger and Jocelyn Brown.
This song has been made in the period where Spurious had quit his daily job for music.
It can be found on many compilations worldwide.


Genre Chill Out
Label Bacci Bros Records (UK)
Release date April 4, 2017

Available on

Spotify, Apple Music,  Beatport

Appeared on

Lay down & Chill Vol. 1

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Ibiza Cafe Lounge 2017

Deep Chill Out Music Vol. 1

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Downtempo Beats Vol. 1

Lounge Ambient

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Musique de Relaxation, Vol. 2

Merry Christmas Cards

Santa Claus Is Chilling In Town

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Downtempo Chill

Ibiza Cafe Lounge


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